I thought raising a beta fish would be easy but it is not so easy. I did not know that fast filter water flow can stress out the fish. So I had to put a bamboo to slow down the water current. Then I realized that the fish can be stressed for some reason so I put beta revive, which is a panacea for betas. Yes, it worked. Then it still not looked happy so I put sea salt for electrolytes and stress coat to soothe the little guy. My beta named Leviathan lived happily for sometime putting bubbles in the water surface. Then I saw black marks and signs of losing color. So again, I dived into the world of internet where there is generally lack of consensus and much vagueness. Well, after some digging, I found that it may be the temperature. So I went to Amazon and bought a cheap but seemingly reliable submersible heater and cranked up the temperature. Wow, warmer temperature does make the beta happier. But still the black stripes did not disappear. So I am like…ok, the beta is eating well, sometimes making bubbles and moving around. So what can it be? fish cancer? Anyway, so I googled and found beta fish marbling!!

So some beta fish have a gene that enables them to change color. Whoa! That is cool, I did not know that. So now I am finally relaxed knowing that my fish is getting a makeover.

The moral of the story? Well, beta fish are more work than you expect and thank you internet for teaching me cool natural phenomena.


Here is my Leviathan~

Leviathan cruising
Leviathan rising, looking like a giant nightmare squid