So the succulents purchased from the sketchy nursery has trash, random weeds, slugs, and other things that came out of the Pandora’s box. Acknowledging that I am a newbie and I have a infestation at hand, I googled for solutions. For the first solution, I accumulated lot of coffee ground for worm farm but that has not yet happened because I need to do more due diligence, so I dumped lot of coffee ground on the sketchy nursery plants. Still I felt the evil lurking within the pots. So I went on again in search for natural pesticide because I believe that we already have enough chemicals and we don’t need more. And found garlic-red pepper pesticide. The concoction of garlic red pepper did not seem to be so strong. May be because I am Korean and I am used to garlic and red pepper. But when I started spraying it on the potentially infested plants. Wow! I was afraid that the plant was going to melt. The garlic and red pepper scent was so strong that I can see purification happening. I just hope I don’t find the plants dead tomorrow. It’s supposed to be safe. Anyhow, I will find out tomorrow.

Natural garlic-red pepper pesticide, may be also used for exorcism
slug/bug/mite death in a bottle


The plants are fine and I have not found any bugs yet.