I love listening to Bloomberg Law Podcast because I find law interesting (and it also dictates our lives).

So today I found out that Apple is arguing that code is a First amendment right and the US government cannot force Apple to write a code to crack the iPhone of a terrorist.

Apple cited a 2001 case Universal City Studios Inc. v. Corley, where the ruling states:

Communication does not lose constitutional protection as “speech” simply because it is expressed in the language of computer code. Mathematical formulae and musical scores are written in “code,” i.e., symbolic notations not comprehensible to the uninitiated, and yet both are covered by the First Amendment.

Whoa! That is cool. Code is a form of communication and has style and does send a message.

Now that got me thinking hmmm what does my code convey? Also, my code is sometimes pretty ugly oooo [I have gotten better…with more notes and cleaner organization]. Anyway, time to write more elegant and efficient code 😀