I don’t know how but my plants got infested with fruit flies. After I came back from Dallas, I thought I had a locust swarm in my bedroom. I killed many with my bare hands (old school style) and then I realized that I had a lot of stuff to do so I set up some sweet water traps, where flies would get into the cup to drink the sweet water and drown.

Well, the primal killing and trapping worked ok but I thought I needed to kill as many as possible before they spawn again. So I googled and found out that you could use the vacuum cleaner to suck the flies. Hmm…I have Dyson and it has a long hose so I went for it. Ohhhh…wow. So cool. I felt like a ghost buster sucking all the ghosts. Given that fruit flies are very small, they got all sucked into the mighty Dyson vortex.

Well, that was my entertainment for today. And pest control. Vacuum cleaner works well to get rid of flies. Just have the vacuum hose near the infested areas and see the poor flies just get sent to oblivion. Terminated.