My friends ask me why I post reviews. They say aren’t you already busy. Yes, I am busy. Then they say your reviews are not so informative. Yeah…I know. But still I post them. Why? Because I have been free-riding on other’s reviews for a long time and it is time to give back. Time to give and not receive. The bible says it is better to give then to receive. So this is one action. Another reason why I post is because it makes me reflect about my choices. Yup, I should not have gone there or bought that. Also, reviews are low cost and have tremendous benefits if written fairly and effectively. For instance, I know some of my reviews really stopped people going to terrible restaurants. I helped people save money, time, and their organs. That is why I post.

Now, why are my posts not so deep? Well, I want to write extensively but it takes so much time. I kid you not. A well structured review can take anywhere from 40 minutes to easily many hours if you add research to it. Given my time constraints, I try to write my reviews within ten minutes max.

So are my reviews going to get better? YES! I actually have some reviews that I will write deeply about such as finance and accounting textbooks, which I have some knowledge about. Also, I am organizing my thoughts about investment books, which really takes time to write well. But it will be done. I just have to organize my thoughts faster and write better.

More informative and helpful reviews are to come  😀

If you are curious see my reviews below and like them if you find them helpful~