So I like to write reviews because they provide useful information and save you from an unnecessary bad experience. My friend first said that well, isn’t that a waste of time? But then after seeing the views on my reviews go up. He asked how can my reviews useful if they are quite short. Well, then~

I write short reviews for three reasons. First, I don’t have the time and the resources to write very detailed reviews. I would like to do so when I have less time constrained. Second, a lot of times, I put pictures and they speak a thousand words 😀 Third, often time there is not much to say about the place or the product/ service. Some places just have tasty food and I have no idea how they made it. If I know something special or unique, I will write about it but most of times I don’t know. Finally, I focus on practicality. I write about parking (big problem in LA) and how busy or crowded it gets. Hence, my reviews are short and somewhat useful. And worst case, I add another data point and decrease the bias of the rating overall.