Trashman are paid well for a good reason. If the trash is not removed, a city or town becomes filled with filth and becomes a biohazard. Hence, paying trashman well makes good sense. However, this got me thinking, how much are we throwing away?! If the city cannot handle one week of no trash removal then we are throwing away way too much. Something is definitely wrong. What are we consuming so much and throwing away too much that we need it to be removed immediately. Something is not right.

So I looked at my consumption and trash. Let’s see Amazon boxes and plastics can be recycled. Cans, bottles, I recycle. Food waste? Hmm…ok, I compost some but lot is being thrown away. I guess I need to compost more. Can I live at least for a week without taking out the trash? Yes, I can. Actually, we throw away the trash every seven or ten days.

Now what are other people consuming and throwing away? I wonder. There needs to be a change. The US has to consume less and recycle more. The easiest way to not create waste is to consume less. So buy less of the stuff that you don’t really want and that you don’t really need. US recycling is not good as other European countries but let’s start recycling with the easiest materials including cans and plastic bottles. For food waste? Eat your food and don’t buy too much. Also, if possible compost.

Of course, change will not come tomorrow. But we can start today and become better and better every day.


For those who want to see reduced waste see zero waste home.