Apparently air rage is a real threat, where people get super upset and go ballistic. The article  says that first class travel may increase air rage as people are made explicitly clear about the economic divide. Then the author goes on to bash first class.

I agree that air rage is a real threat given the poor services of airlines; however, I am not sure bashing first class has merits.First, first class offers more choice. People are not constrained. If they can afford it, they can travel more comfortably. For executives and celebrities that are on a busy schedule and need some relaxing, first class does provide a high value. Hence, first class cannot be just bashed. Second, first class is generally the most profitable segment. If first class seats are removed, airlines will have to make up that profit through charging higher rates to the economy class. Hence, we all suffer if the first class seats are removed.

How can we tackle this issue? Luckily, the market is already on it. There are already small private jet rentals that enable people to segment themselves. Also, we always have the budget airlines such as Southwest and Spirit Airlines. Hence, over time, I believe that the fliers will segment themselves and the air rage caused by the first class will not be such an issue.