There is  a rise in fake reviews in Amazon. This is a serious issue because it may lead to misinformed consumption and create lot of waste and frustration. Furthermore, at the extreme, this may lead to the break down of the market where the misinformation just paralyzes the market. And we don’t want that. Amazon reviews are very useful and Amazon delivery has honestly saved us a lot of time and money. So what can we do?

First, start posting reviews yourself. We must stand ground. We cannot let bunch of bots or paid spammers to take over the product reviews. Fake reviews cannot dominate by sheer number because it is just fake, a good review will expose its falsehood. Second, start reporting suspicious reviews. There is a report abuse button.

I believe Amazon’s policing and the Amazon community will be able to handle the tsunami of fake reviews. Just need to do our part. Let your review be heard 😀