More tunnels. Drug tunnels everywhere. Trump says he can build walls but they will dig under. Israel has a much smaller frontier but they can’t stop the tunnels. So how will the US be able to stop the tunnels?

Well, the most ideal answer is to stop doing drugs. Or simply do less drugs. Or buy local. However, even legalization has not wiped out illegal drugs because legal drugs are still more expensive and illegal drugs are more easily available. So what can be done?

First, people really have to make an effort to consume less drugs. Yes, it is your freedom and it may make you feel more alive and exciting. But there are people dying because of the drug consumption. Tons of  tax money is being spent on restricting drugs instead of building schools and repairing infrastructure. May be, just may be, people should think about these things and just do less drugs, specially illegal drugs. So instead of getting high, twice a week, may be getting high once a week would be helpful.

Second, start treating substance addiction like a disease that needs to be treated and not a criminal offense. Only through proper care will people rely less on drugs. If locking up people really worked, the world would have far less problems. It is time to treat drug abuse as pandemic not a crime wave.

Third, do not glorify drugs. I understand that certain drugs have medical benefits and some altered state of mind can be beneficial Yes, psychedelics have their own place and marijuana can help people alleviate pain. However, they should not be glorified. They should be used for their right purposes only.

Unless, people start consuming drugs properly and substance abuse is dealt as an illness, we will see more sophisticated tunnels and less money for the real things that we need (e.g. education, infrastructure).