Starbucks is in Italy. Italians complain that the apocalypse is near. And I do agree a bit since I am not a big fan of Starbucks but…no it is not the apocalypse. Actually, there was  a similar outrage when McDonalds arrived in France. However, the outrage was temporary and  McDonalds in France are doing quite well, pleasing the locals. Plus,  McCafe  in Paris is  also serving decent coffee.

Hence, it is highly likely that Starbucks will also adapt to Italy and provide good coffee and pastry. The entry of Starbucks will also enhance the overall quality of coffee, as other coffee shops innovate and cut costs to compete.  Plus, now tourists will not have to either panic or have decision paralysis where to get coffee in Italy. There is Starbucks. Hence, both Italians and tourists should welcome Starbucks instead of worrying about the end of the world.