Retreats are always good. We are temporarily free from the day’s burdens and sinful thoughts. Sinful thoughts do occur but with constant praising, worshiping, and praying, they disappear like a speck of dusk. This retreat was really good because my friends came and were healed. I could see the joy in their faces and I am sure Jesus was much more happier to see His children return to Him. Yup, a party in heaven 😀

For me, things were a bit harder because I had to serve and going up and down between lodging areas was not easy on my legs plus the set-up. However, as I was praying I had a vision, which I never see. It was a white hall and I knew that I was at the end and God was at the other hand. His voice was clear. “It is about you and Me. And only about you and Me.” I realized His love and His jealousy for my heart. The message was clear, set your path straight. Be in a good relationship with Jesus and everything will be taken care of. Follow My Word and your life will be blessed. Amen!

Reading the bible and praying, we know and constantly pray that we always walk with God. But seeing a vision really takes it to a whole new level. Now I understand before I memorized in my head. Now my hearts knows. Thank You Jesus for the revelation. Please help me so that I can always walk with You.