I have been investing using Lending Club for sometime. Returns are double digit and I cannot complain given that most of my losses stem from the time I had no idea what I was doing. Besides the nice 10%+ return, Lending Club has also other benefits. Learning about jobs, industries, and locations. Although, I have a preset investing criteria, I tweak a bit specially when I see new jobs that I do not recognize. I also look into the state income and the salaries in that area from the zip code. If the job mentioned is hard to replace or the person can move to other jobs (e.g. computer engineer) then it’s a good sign. Also, if the salary is in line with the salaries around the area based on google searches then that is a good sign. So searching for job descriptions, salaries, and areas have expanded my knowledge about the labor market and income. Of course, this is never a good conversation starter or not so interesting to most people, it is quite useful. People often talk about to moving to places with better opportunities and switching careers. And that is the time that my knowledge from Lending Club investing shines. Of course, people look at me as I am an uber nerd but I am just thankful that I can at least help them making a better decision ^^

So in summary, doing due diligence in Lending Club has fringe benefits of knowing more about the labor market, which makes you a bit more interesting but more helpful for sure.