Both Christians and nonbelievers are enamored with love. But love is not complete without rebuking. By sparing the rod, you spoil the child. The bible clearly emphasizes rebuking. Mathew 18: 15-17 openly says to tell the fault of a brother. 2 Timothy 3:16-17 says that scripture is used for correction and instruction of righteousness. Yet rebuking seems missing in today’s church. People do not like to hear about things to fix. They want everything to be Ok. Of course, God says come as you are but He wants to transform you so you are free of sin and peaceful. Without the rebuking, believers may fool themselves that they are fine and may fail to do God’s will. So rebuking is a must.

But why can’t we rebuke much these days? Well, firstly, we live in a sinful culture that says everything is relative and that is fine. Second, we are too afraid of confrontation. Yet Jesus says that He will  bring division in Luke 12:51. This is because when the truth confronts falseness, there is a clash. Falseness must make scene or it will be perish. So lot of resistance and Christians do not want to pay the price of conflict. But we have to. I am not inciting judging everyone and weighing everything. That is God’s job. What we are told to do is to remind one’s actions that goes against scripture. Very different from judging.

However, doing proper is rebuking is difficult because at some point we may become judgmental!  So what can we do? Well, we have to pray pray pray. Also, we to know the Word well so we can exactly tell why a person’s action is wrong. But most importantly we have to love the person. Let us remember that rebuking only works when it is based on love. And love cannot be complete without rebuking. So I like to think rebuking as a spice that completes the dish. The main dish should be there but without the spice, it is not so tasty. So do not be afraid to rebuke but make sure it is filled with love.


Today, I got rebuked and it did not feel good. But I know there is love and now I will pray about it and fix my wrong ways.