Portugal runs on only renewable energy for four days. This is quite impressive but let us not forget that Portugal has only 11 million people and very service heavy (76%). Hence, other countries may have more difficulty in pulling off what Portugal did. But at least this shows that renewable energy is viable.

So what can we do to make things happen?

  1. Consume less energy. Yup, best way to be sustainable don’t waste energy. Don’t drive to places that you have to go. Don’t turn on your lights when you don’t need to. And just go to bed early and let Mr. Sun brighten your day.
  2. Don’t buy stuff that you do not need. Yup, energy goes in and lots of it when products are made and delivered. So don’t buy things that you really don’t need.
  3. Support renewable energy research. There are myriads of researchers and labs trying to make renewable energy more competitive. Support them. You can start by funding projects using experiment.com.
  4. Become a shareholder and ask companies to become more energy efficient. Many companies are already trying to save any cost that they can but you can push them a little harder by becoming a shareholder and demanding it more (of course, it will be hard to influence with small amounts of shares but it is the act)
  5. Ask local government to become greener. You will be amazed how much energy is wasted in cities. Ask the city/ county to waste less energy by pointing out lights that are on during the day.