As I continuously clean data, I realize that I am passing out.  After staring at the screen for three hours, you really want to physically block the monitor and run away. But that would be amateur. I get up, stretch, get some coffee and sit down again. Sometimes, I would take a nap for a short time.

I wake up and start again. I am fuming now. Why is the data so torturing?  Man, this data has been created to punish me. But then I thank God. Thank You Jesus for giving me the ability to clean data. Thank You God for engaging me in interesting research. Thank You Lord for the computer and internet. Thank you Excel! Now I am at peace again. We often get too entangled or just submersed with work and forget how blessed we are. I am just thankful for today. Yes, data cleaning can be draining. But I am happy that I am able to patiently go through row by row and also generate other interesting research questions. I am also thankful that I can take a short nap to recover. So sweet. Father, let us stop complaining and always be joyful in You.