I try to pray when I can and God has blessed me for even the smallest prayers. That is how much He loves us. I do not have kids but when I see parents remembering small things that their children said and act upon the small things that they remember, I get a glimpse on how God works. Two days ago, I was buying groceries and this little girl was insistent on getting a candy with a cartoon figure. When I finished shopping, the girl still insisted and her mom let her buy the candy. Before I would think what a disobedient girl but that day I saw it differently. If we pray and ask to God like the insistent girl, He will listen and provide. I admired her zeal and her belief that her parents can buy her the candy. So if we pray zealously and believe that Jesus will take care of it, He will get it done. Ahhh spiritual lesson.

Of course, being insistent in a grocery store and going ballistic on candy is not good and the parents were right saying no. But what really struck me is the girl’s belief that her parents can buy her the candy. It is the child like belief that makes prayers powerful. That our Father will heal this world. He will restore broken families and He will deliver us from evil. Although everything looks impossible in our eyes. I think many adult Christians often forget the power of Jesus. We worry even after we pray. We lack faith. And when we lack faith, our prayers are weak and we become weak.

So today, Father, I pray that you forgive our weakness and our lack of faith. Jesus, let us pray passionately and know that You are a good God and will take care of everything. Whatever we ask in Your Name, Jesus, will be answered. Holy Spirit touch us so we can pray with all our hearts. Amen!