Ahhh another Uber not paying drivers well.  As I have said before Uber is not to make a living but to make extra money on the side. So what is new? Well, Uber had a data leak, which you would not want that happening, especially if you plan to go public some time in the future. We also found out that Uber drivers make about on average $8-13 dollar. Now these figures are informative but does not tell much. There are other summary statistics measures such as variance and skewness. And Uber tells us that some drivers do make more money than the average. So what do we learn from this? Again, Uber is for extra cash not a job. Also, it tells us that payoffs can be greater if you find out, how to maximize your fare. So is a Uber a job? And should Uber pay more? Nope. Let the markets decide. If you think Uber is underpaying the drivers take Lyft or some other ride service. If you think Uber is ripping you off as a driver, then go drive for Lyft or some ride service. With demand and supply moving, it will solve the problem. Either Uber will raise its prices and pay more to the drivers or they will find out a way to cut costs by making rides more efficient.

So no more Uber bashing. Vote with your time and money.