I made a mission to share good and bad reviews. I want to ensure that the next customer gets treated well and avoids businesses that make your life not pleasant. So today I went to the lengths of finding some businesses that I went as I was dropping of an acquaintance. Wow, really surprised how they got mobile and bank account set up done quite quickly. So when I came home, I tried to find the shop and the bank and I could not find them because we just walked into them. But I persisted and through google street view, I found them. My friend said that I was crazy and whether Yelp was paying me. But I am not crazy (well, not yet) and Yelp/ Google does not pay me. I just wanted to give more information so a future consumer can make a better decision and save time and effort 😀

The store and the bank were sparsely rated so my reviews actually did add significant weight to the ratings. Ahh, mission accomplished!

Bringing transaction cost down and raising efficiency! A big shout out to all the avid and honest reviewers!