Thank You Lord for a fantastic Friday. Let us always remember Your goodness and be kind to others.

  1. Thank You Lord for my driving skills. When I first came to LA, I was a very timid and inexperienced driver. Even now I still do not drive so well but I still manage to drive better compared to four years ago.
  2. Thank You Father for airplanes. Imagine traveling without airplanes, wow, that would take so long. Yes, TSA has issues and many airlines are bad but yet thanks to air travel, we can go to many good places.
  3. Thank You Jesus for a nice drive to Long Beach. Taking the guest to Long Beach was a long drive but thank You for giving me the opportunity to serve.
  4. Thank You God for the fast opening of a mobile account and bank account. Never have I seen such speed in recent years. Thank You.
  5. Thank You Jesus for good fellowship. Let us remember to spread Your gospel and truly glorify You.

Jesus, let us always give thanks to You and be more loving.