Today, we had a church garage sale and I was amazed by the tsunami of clothing. I could literally swim in tides of not so good probably cheap clothing. Wow, I never knew how heavy clothes can be. Now I know the pain of people who wear 200 shirts to beat the world record. At 7 am, I was struggling with moving tons of clothing. When we were closing at 2:30pm, I was again struggling to bag the clothing that was not sold. Man, that was a lot of clothing. And I see a problem.

There is a huge problem in too much clothing. It makes us spend money that we could have spent better, destroys the environment, and encourages labor abuse. Just take a look at this video with all the issues of cheap clothing. Buying clothing that we don’t need is really bad choice for everyone. So next time you go shopping, please ask yourself whether you really need that clothing. Also, just buy a good clothing and wear it for a long time, you will help your wallet, environment, and textile workers. There is so much talk about wanting justice and changing the world, let’s start with small things. Our wardrobe would not be a bad place to start.