Thank You Lord for a lovely Monday. I got lot of things done and prayed well. Thank You.

  1. Thank You Jesus for a productive day. I got a lot of things done. Thank You for Your wisdom because I was amazed how I solved certain issues.
  2. Thank You Lord for giving me the heart to repent. We are often tempted and we fall. But thank You for lifting me up again and telling me nicely not to do it next time.
  3. Thank You Father for LA. I complain about traffic, air, crime, noise,…but it is a vibrant city and the weather is awesome.
  4. Thank You Jesus for my beautiful plants. They are not pretty but they are green and give peace to my eyes.
  5. Thank You Father for internet. Yes, I waste time online but I am so happy when I can things online. You are a life saver Wikipedia!

Thank You Jesus for all Your blessings. Let us always be more loving and gentle and kind.