I love research that is why I can do it for ten hours a day. What I don’t like about research is the insistence that all results come out beautifully. It is the plastic surgery of research. Just like the real world and real phenomenon, most social science research is murky and puzzling. Rarely, do we see strong results where all stars align. Today, I dealt with some results that did not match with each other. Well, they did but they were not beautiful ehhh. Man, I just wished that I could show all the work and say look this is how it is really. But unfortunately, I cannot do that. I will see and seek what is going on. Often, I do think it is just randomness. I don’t know why but there are random things. In fact many things are random. Why can’t we say that? Why can’t researchers admit that there are something going on but we don’t know for sure. I really think journals should accept the way research is. It is not perfect just like all human endeavor. But it tells us many useful things. I really think we should have a journal that shows the whole process of research that would be a great contribution. I think we lose way too much when we just hide the null results or some puzzling issues. Many have proposed the idea of having a null journal but have not have gained much traction. Hopefully, we will have more momentum soon.


In the mean time, I will try to figure out what is going on.  Re! Search!