Venezuela has no Coca Cola because it ran out of sugar. Now it does not have McDonalds due to bread shortage. This is a serious issue given that there are not many countries without Coca Cola or McDonalds. Even when I visited the Amazon forest, where there was no electricity and only small hints of civilization, the famous Coke bottle was there. And it was treated as a delicacy among the locals. This is how bad things are in Venezuela. And it shows that socialism does not work. People always want more things and money has to come  from somewhere. It is very idealistic that people can think that everyone can live happily if they shared and curbed their greed. Unfortunately, we are sinners. We always want more and want to work less. Unless this nature changes, socialism/ communism will not work. The only reason why capitalism exists is because it is the best system that ensures that our self-interest remains in check and disciplined.

So what can be done? Can we sin less through meditation and other disciplining? Yes, but it will never be solved. Our efforts have limits. The only way to resolve our sin problem is through Jesus Christ. Until we are able to love our neighbors like ourselves, things will not change. When we all love Jesus with all our hearts and love our neighbors like our bodies then things will change. When everybody cares and serves everybody, the first best solution is achieved. Until then, we will have capitalism where self interest will be governed by money, our second best solution for now.