Thank You Jesus for the guests and wisdom. It was a very busy with a relatively happy ending. Lord, please look after us and let us be always joyful.

  1. Thank You Jesus for a busy day. Being busy is not really good but better than being idle.
  2. Thank You Lord for wisdom. Many situations required discernment, thank You for your wisdom.
  3. Thank You Jesus for a lovely walk around the neighborhood and good coffee. Feels like LA.
  4. Thank You God for plants. Hope the plants clean the air and give some comfort at church. Also, they were on sale! yay!
  5. Thank You Jesus for giving me peace. There is lot to be done but I do not panic but trust in You. I will be joyful and remain calm.

Jesus, You are so awesome. Let us always be more like You everyday. We love You so much God!