Jesus, let us always praise You in all circumstances. Father, we love You and let us always live by Your Word.

  1. Thank You Jesus for LA. Yes, LA is dirty and polluted and has other issues but it has nice restaurants and really lot of things to do. Thank You Father. Let us always be thankful.
  2. Thank You God for the stock market. It raises the efficiency of the economy and also keeps me entertained and curious.
  3. Thank You Father for coffee. I don’t know how I got to love coffee so much. Thank You Jesus for the brew. Let us be thankful always and share a good cup of joe.
  4. Thank You Lord for the guests. Father, we pray that You bless them and touch their hearts so that they get to know You Jesus. Father, let us be more loving and serve more.
  5. Thank You Jesus for my house. Yes, rent is expensive. And there is no week that something does not break down from hot water, some alarm, more water issues and more. But let us remember to be thankful in all circumstances. Also, this house already been useful for fellowship.

Father, let us pray more and love more. Lord make us humble and more loving. We love You so much!