I was hurrying to go workout. I saw this drunk old man walk to the apartment. He was quite drunk that he could not walk straight. He belched. The stench of alcohol was everywhere even in the open air. I saw his shoes because I somehow tried to dodge the toxic gas. Designer shoes. Hmm…I thought. I had bad thoughts. I thought of him being a drunk old man who wastes money on superficial things. But then the Holy Spirit touched my heart and told me not to judge. That drunk old man is probably someone’s son, father, and husband. Life is hard in LA, especially for first generation immigrants who can’t speak English well and still feel that they live on foreign land. Also, the shoes were good but everything else did not look good. Of course, the shoes could have been fake but I thought may be it is a gift. I remember how sons and daughters give nice gifts to parents just to show small appreciation for the love and sacrifices of their parents. I felt bad. Because I bought nice stuff to my parents and they wore it with pride and gratitude. Of course, the man could have purchased the shoes out of vanity. But what the whole thought process told me that I should not quickly judge and come to conclusions.

Finally, why was the person drunk. May be he really does not know how to handle his burden better. I should not judge instead I should pray and reach out. Jesus, please make me more humble and loving. Let me not judge but love.