Thank You Jesus for leading safely to the last quarter of 2016. Thank You Lord for protecting us throughout 2016. Let us finish the 4th quarter strong, united in You Jesus.

  1. Thank You God for another productive day. Thank You Jesus for giving me the time, ability, and place to do research. I love research.
  2. Thank You Jesus for friends who make you meals. You guys are the best. I will get back to cooking soon.
  3. Thank You God for a good church. Although there were not so many for campus worship, we praise You Jesus for giving us a church that stands strong united in love.
  4. Thank You Lord for good food. Today’s orange chicken and salad were delicious. Especially, after workout, yummie!
  5. Thank You Father for helping me catch up with the blog. It is hard to write two posts everyday and some specific posts. I pray that You give me the wisdom and the ability to write more insightful posts. Also, please help me focus and be efficient when writing the posts. Again, thank You Jesus for giving me the gift of blogging. Thank You for giving me a hobby that makes me think and write. Plus, it can be done in front of the computer (without requiring much traveling or effort. Yes, I need to work all day in front of the computer).

Thank You God for all Your goodness. Let us remember Your love and truly glorify You.