Thank You Jesus for a fantastic Friday. Thank You for using me to further Your kingdom. I am so weak and imperfect but by Your love and grace, I am saved and used to glorify You Jesus.

  1. Thank You Jesus for using me to further Your Kingdom. Let me be a blessing and an encouragement to others. Thank You Lord for sending two sisters that need consolation and desperately seek You Father. Let us always pray for each other and bless everyone.
  2. Thank You Father for another productive day. Please keep blessing me. Thank You again Jesus.
  3. Thank You Lord for good prayer. Let us continue to pray in Your name. Let us not be lazy in praying. Let us always pray for more love and healing.
  4. Thank You God for my car. It is so great that I can give rides and serve. Thank you Civic for being a good car.
  5. Thank You Jesus for good parking spots. You have blessed me a lot with parking this week. It is amazing. This is LA after all. Thank You for Your love and kindness Jesus.

Thank You Lord, let us always be holy and reside in You.