When is it a good idea to get a store credit card?

Most store credit cards charge an extremely high interest rate and would not be recommended but there are cases, where a store credit card can be handy.

First, a store credit card that offers a lot of variety is great. For instance, Costco and Amazon credit cards are good because you can almost buy everything in these stores.

Second, store credit cards are good if you are a frequent shopper. I knew a family that loved Gap. So they did almost of all of their clothing shopping in Gap and gave Gap baby clothes as baby gifts. So that works out well.

Third, store credit cards are good if you plan to resell some merchandise. For instance, the Marvel Master card offers 10% discount on their online purchases. Of course, this is not a super discount but you could technically make some money by buying in bulk and reselling.

Overall, do not get store credit cards because they have an high interest rate. Only get one, if you will consume a lot from that store.