Thank You Jesus for another blessed day. Let us always be thankful for all Your goodness. Let us always praise You.

  1. Thank You Father for providing me with good parking. It is a real blessing in LA. Thank You so much.
  2. Thank You Jesus for campus worship. We really need to pray and serve more. We know that this is what it pleases You so let us obey and give glory to You.
  3. Thank You God for grading. Although I was not so happy or excited, thank You for giving me an opportunity to serve.
  4. Thank You Jesus for tasty dinner. Yummmie, Bistro’s herb chicken.
  5. Thank You God for helping me realize that I need You more than ever. Jesus, please make sure that I do not stray from You. We love You so much Jesus.

Thank You Lord for Your goodness. Let us always praise Your goodness and enjoy Your love