Workaholism is correlated with ADHD, OCD, anxiety, and depression. I am not surprised by the study’s results because I am somewhat a workaholic and I have seen many people who work until they drop. The study concludes that it is unsure whether people with mental issues are working more or workaholism is causing mental illnesses. Personally, I think it is both. If you cannot focus, you have to work more and get more stressed. It is a negative feedback loop that gets worse and worse. I will not be surprised if a future study links drinking, drugs, and other risky behavior with workaholism.

So what can be done?

First, let’s chill and work less. Let us remember that God made us work hard six days and really rest on Sabbath. So let’s do that. It is hard and I too work on Sundays. Yet I am finding more peace these days. I am more efficient during the six days and I worry less on Sabbath. Thank You Jesus. So let’s really make time to rest for ourselves.

Second, let’s get checked whether we have mental issues. Often we just brush of depression with being weak or as temporary. Nope, it can get serious. I still remember my psychology professor telling me that if you feel depressed, the issue is pretty big already and you should get counseling. In fact, one of my family member was also depressed. After finally talking to a doctor, she admitted and we prayed about it.

Third, let’s be more efficient. We waste so much time. Checking email, Kakao, surfing the web…In an ordinary work day, as much as 50% is wasted time. Let’s not do that. Let’s cut off the web surfing and minimize the chatting with colleagues. Let’s focus on getting the work done and then having good fellowship. Let us pray for wisdom from God so we can finish our jobs better.

Overall, workaholism is present and spreading and so is mental illness. We cannot just stand and let darkness takeover. Let us pray and beat the darkness through the power of Jesus.