Thank You Jesus for Sabbath. Let us always be thankful for Your glory Jesus. We will worship You and be more like You everyday.

  1. Thank You Jesus for Sabbath. Let us always remember You and live like You Lord. Father, make us more holy and loving. Let us not complain or judge but instead let us praise You and love our neighbors.
  2. Thank You God for good lunch. Love good church lunch. Also, plenty of leftover~~ yay, no need to cook this week 😀
  3. Thank You Father for making me holy. I am often tormented with wicked thoughts but You made me beat those thoughts. Jesus, let me become holier everyday.
  4. Thank You Lord for a nice nap. I felt so energized after the nap that I went to workout. Ah productive Sunday 😀
  5. Thank You Jesus for Your Word. I do not know how I would live without Your Word. Please let us inscribe Your commands in our hearts. Let us memorize and chant the verses. Lord give us the wisdom and knowledge.

Thank You Jesus for everything. You are so awesome. Let us obey You more and give You all the glory!