Thank You Jesus for another blessed day. Thank You for the intense prayer. We really need to pray more. Jesus please make us pray day and night for Your glory.

  1. Thank You God for another sort of productive day. It was busy but I have got some work done.
  2. Thank You Lord for good prayer Friday. Wow, we prayed for everything. This is how it should be! We should pray! pray! and pray more! Thank You Jesus for making us pray 😀
  3. Thank You Father for my car. I am very thankful to my car. It takes me to places. Thank you car!
  4. Thank You Jesus for free food. Now I don’t eat as much because I want to be healthy. But thank You for the free pizza. It was delicious!
  5. Thank You God for our big living room. We are so joyful to host our friends and church people in our living room. It lacks furniture and amenities but we will get some in the future. Thank You again for using our house for Your glory.

Jesus, we just want to thank You for everything. Let us always be more holy and give You all the glory!