Thank You Lord for Sabbath. We are so joyful because You have given us rest and time to focus on You. We love You Jesus!

  1. Thank You God for Sunday. It is great to worship You with all the brothers and sisters in Christ. Father, let us always be joyful in Your presence.
  2. Thank You Jesus for good fellowship. Let us always pray for each other and be united in You Jesus.
  3. Thank You Father for the nice neighborhoods. They are nice to see and drive by. I usually don’t envy nice houses but would love to vacation in one some time :p
  4. Thank You Lord for another productive day. I do not like working on Sunday but works needs to be done. I pray that I become more efficient everyday so Sunday will be no work day 😀
  5. Thank You Father for the daily meal. We often forget that we are so blessed with food. Thank You God. Let us be nourished so we can work harder for Your Kingdom.

Father, I just want to thank You for all Your love and goodness. Let us give You all the praise!