Thank You Jesus for a thankful Thursday. We are always thankful for Your love and mercy.

  1. Thank You Father for another very productive day. I have got a lot of stuff done. Please continue to bless me with more wisdom and knowledge.
  2. Thank You Jesus for making me realize that I need to pray more. We cannot do anything without You. Let us pray pray pray more.
  3. Thank You Father for campus worship. Although only few came, it is our obedience that pleases You. We will continue to worship and praise on You campus. Let Your glory and love be proclaimed on campus.
  4. Thank You Lord for my roommate. He gives me free food and gives me rides. Ah, you are so awesome good roommate!
  5. thank You God for my desktop. It is the real MVP hahaha. Thank you for not breaking down and enabling me to get things done.

Thank You Father for all Your goodness. Let us always give You all the glory!