Thank You Jesus for another blessed day. Let us always give You all the glory and live by Your commands!

  1. Thank You Father for enabling to submit the online applications on time. I know that man makes his plan but it is You that completes them. Father, please lead me to green pastures and still waters. And be with me forever and forever.
  2. Thank You Jesus for good coffee. Coffee is thesis fuel. Coffee is what gives me lot of pleasure. Coffee. Thank You Jesus for Coffee. But please fill myself with the Holy Spirit.
  3. Thank You Father for my PC. It did not get crash and helped me finish my applications.
  4. Thank You Jesus for good friends. They are really nice. Jesus, let us all be holy like Daniel and his friends. Please bless us and give us more wisdom.
  5. Thank You Father for fasting. I am so blessed that I can fast. I thought I would die before. But now, I am thankful that I can connect with You better.

Jesus, we thank You for all Your goodness. Please continue to bless us more everyday.