Thank You Father for a wonderful Friday. We give You all the honor and the praise 😀

  1. Thank You Jesus for a great prayer. Prayer is the key to everything. Prayer fixes things. So Jesus let us pray more together and really know Your heart.
  2. Thank You God for a uber productive day. I have got so much done. Thank You for Your wisdom. Please continue to please us with Your wisdom and knowledge.
  3. Thank You Father for podcasts. I have missed so many episodes because I was busy but thank You for helping me catch up.
  4. Thank You Lord for my fish. It is a real champion despite the fact that I have made so many mistakes, it still fights on. Hope you will be around for a while 😀
  5. Thank You God for Udemy. Really, loving the early access course reviews. Most are quite good and I am picking up somethings while reviewing.


Thank You Father for everything. We give You all the praise!