Thank You Jesus for a blessed Saturday. We give You thanks for everything. Let us love You and Serve You more everyday.

  1. Thank You God for Mercy Ministry. We did not have many people come but we praised and prayed for the street people. Jesus, I pray that You bless them and heal them. I know that You take care of the broken and the ill, Jesus please restore them.
  2. Thank You Lord for good sharing. It is really great that we can share the Word with the brothers and sisters in Christ. Let us become holier everyday.
  3. Thank You Jesus for a good chat with a friend. Lord, I pray that He also gets to know You Jesus. Please touch his heart so He can know Your love and wisdom
  4. Thank You Father for a great parking spot. I am so blessed!
  5. Thank You Jesus for my office desktop. I complained that it did not have much memory but it is quite fast hee hee.
  6. Thank You God for the bakery that donates their unsold bread to our church. Please bless the business and I pray that the workers there also get to know You. Please use me to show Your love.
  7. thank You Father for Kakao. So nice to talk to friends and family that are far away. Thank You Lord! I pray that Kakao becomes more available in remote regions as well so we can encourage missionaries.

Thank You God for all Your goodness and let us keep praying and serving.