Thank You Jesus for a blessed Sunday. Let us always give You thanks!

  1. Thank You God for helping us give thanks. Let us not be thankless Christians but be joyful and super thankful Christian πŸ˜€
  2. Thank You Jesus for the great food. I ate so much that I skipped dinner. Oh my…Need to control.
  3. Thank You Lord for the thanksgiving singing competition. I was amazed by the dedication and creativity of our small groups πŸ˜€
  4. Thank You Jesus for my pastors. They are so humble and loving. Please bless and strengthen them.
  5. Thank You Father for my education. I am blessed for getting a good education although I really didn’t study until 17. Thank You so much for giving me good schooling.
  6. Thank You Jesus for my fish. Yes, it is sick and I do not take the best care of it. But it is doing quite well. I think the upgraded food and plants that detoxify the water are the MVPs!
  7. Thank You Jesus for the rain. Ahh, finally rain! I hope it keeps raining so the drought can be gone and we can have more fresh air.

Jesus, please bless us more and let us live holy lives πŸ˜€