Today, I went to Ralph’s to buy soda for tomorrow’s Thanksgiving dinner.

I had trouble locating drinks because so many were SOLD! Then I realized that the deal

changed. Large coke bottles were selling 3 for $5! Not the normal 8 for $8. There was a

massive price increase of 67%  in the coke price!

In contrast, the cheap drinks that few people liked were selling for

88 cent per dollar.

I thought there were such things as a sticker cost, and prices being somewhat sticky.

Nope. Soda prices are quite efficient!

Given that it is only highly carbonated sugar water, I was tempted to buy only 88 cent

bottles but then I thought I would not be grateful or giving thanks tomorrow. Also,

my church friends would complain. So I bought a good mix of soda.

I am thankful for Ralphs that sold coke and the wonderful lesson in economics.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thank You Jesus for all Your goodness 😀