I am not fond of shopping but I do like good deals.

I do not like to buy things that are not so useful. For instance, I thought more than a year about buying a milk foamer haha…

These days, I tend to buy more. I buy gifts and things that can really help improve our lives. I also buy things that I can use it to write blog posts.

So far I have not written posts about them because well…I did not have time to create good content. But that will change when winter break comes šŸ˜€ Yay!

So today my inbox was flooded with DEALS! DEALS! I saw a race between retailers. Emails piled up and are still piling up.

I started with Amazon because I like Amazon and I own their stock. Nice. Well, nothing much…really nothing much. I bought a steam mop because we could use it in our church. Then a monitor but besides that….well…nothing much.

Groupon had a great deal on tools. I am not a handyman but everyone needs tools. It was an awesome deal but I did not want to pay for shipping. I browsed 30 minutes for a five dollar item and failed…Wow…Groupon.. This is really bad.

Yup, Amazon is way ahead of Groupon.

Anyways, I thank God for Amazon and Groupon. Jesus, please let us be good stewards and let us use money wisely only for Your Kingdom.