Thank You Jesus for a blessed Friday. Let us always be joyful and give You all the glory.

  1. Thank You God for the safe ride to Big Bear Lake. Thank You for looking after us, please always protect us.
  2. Thank You Jesus for my good roommate who kindly drove. You are the best roommate ^^
  3. Thank You Father for Sierra Lake. I did not know such nice place existed near LA. Very nice. I will explore the area more.
  4. Thank You Lord for the delicious dinner. Lovely Korean BBQ 😀 Need to exercise more.
  5. Thank You Jesus for the fun games. I am getting older but good time with brothers and sisters in Christ is a must!
  6. Thank You Lord for my smart phone. So nice to check my email and do Duolingo. haha.
  7. Thank You Jesus for the bible. I read a lot. I should read and meditate more on Your Word 😀

Jesus, let us always be thankful and give You all the glory ^^ Thank You Lord for all Your goodness 😀