I had many random encounters but I forgot to write them so without further delay, here is today’s random encounter.

So, after church, I took a nap and headed to the gym. This girl who wore short shorts and was cleared headed to the gym. Given that I had real awkward encounters, I speeded ahead in the cross walk so I can be in front of her.

BUT! She walked faster and tried to pass me. I was like whoa! I am dressed in gym cloth too. I don’t know but I must have really looked weird or menacing.

At this point, I am like I’d better do something or she will talk about this weird guy to her friends and make a whole story about the sketchiness of K-Town. So I ran!

Yes, I ran and went to the gym…

The lesson of the story, ugh, I need to dress better and look less menacing or weird?

Well, at least, I ran to the gym so that was good.