Thank You Jesus for a blessed Monday. Let us always be thankful and praise You.

  1. Thank You Jesus for my PC. I love the fact that the PC is fast and can run bunch of things at once.
  2. Thank You Lord for the bible. I am always refreshed and made anew through Your Word.
  3. Thank You God for my gym. I went to workout twice ^^ Yay! Too bad that my wrist hurt and I was fasting but still a good workout.
  4. Thank You Lord for the wonderful lunch. We had good Korean fried chicken and fellowship.
  5. Thank You Jesus for our house. It is being used well for friends to come and rest and enjoy.
  6. Thank You Father for the interviews. I will keep praying and solely rely on You Jesus.
  7. Thank You Lord for prayer. Let us pray more and truly give You all the glory.

Thank You God for all Your goodness. Let us always pray and give You all the glory.