Thank You for a blessed Tuesday. Let us always be more thankful and really love You more everyday. Let us spread Your love to all nations!

  1. Thank You Jesus for great parking spots! Really, I am truly blessed ^^
  2. Thank You Father for my advisor. I am thankful for his wisdom and guidance.
  3. Thank You God for a delicious lunch. I love dumplings 😀
  4. Thank You Jesus for my roommates. They are so nice and kind. I pray that we all become holier everyday.
  5. Thank You Father for my office. I am so thankful for my awesome office. Thank You Lord.
  6. Thank You Jesus for the bible. I pray that I will read the bible more everyday and give you all the glory.
  7. Thank You Lord for my gym. It is a bit expensive (relatively) but it keeps me healthy yay 😀

Thank You Lord for all Your blessings. Let us always praise You and give You all the glory.