Thank You God for a super blessed Saturday. I am so thankful for Your love Jesus.

  1. Thank You God for a great servant meeting. We shared what we need to improve and rededicated ourselves to the Word and prayer.
  2. Thank You Jesus for bagels. Not good as NYC but LA bagels are quite yummmie.
  3. Thank You Lord for helping me clean the house. It still needs more cleaning but it is quite clean.
  4. Thank You Father for a lovely nap. I have not been napping for some time but today’s nap was very sweet.
  5. Thank You Jesus for the great sermon on YouTube. I found another great church channel. Can’t wait to hear all the sermons and live holier.
  6. Thank You Father for my data cleaning abilities. Very blessed to know that I can clean data.
  7. Thank You Jesus for the podcasts. I heard a lot of interesting episodes. Please give me more wisdom Jesus.

Thank You Father for all Your goodness. Let us always praise You and focus on You. Let us be more humble and loving 😀