I felt few drops of water fall in my face. I put my hoodie on. No rain. Well, few minutes later, I heard wind and rain and lot of honking.

Luckily, I was home already and my coffee was ready. I drank the coffee and looked outwards. It was a bit chaotic down in the road. Lot of honking and some traffic mess.

I lie on the bed and look at the windows and my plants. So relaxing. I pick up a book that I have ordered a year ago and just started reading. The book was interesting first but I reached a point where the pages were filled with emotional stories. Skip. Skip some more.

My eyes are tired and now I am inside the blanket. So cozy and comfortable. I take a short nap. I wake up.

The day is still beautiful. The rain somewhat stopped. The sky is quite blue and the fresh smell of the dirt hits my nostrils. I enjoy the breeze.

Thank You God for a wonderful relaxation. It has been a while since I had this type of time.


Should have more hot coffee + book time and nap time.