Thank You Jesus for so many blessings. Ever since I have started the 10,000 thanks project. I have become so thankful. In order to give at least 27 thanks a day, I must be thankful at least every hour! Given that I sleep about 6 hours, I need to be thankful almost 1.5 times/ hour. Thank You Father for making me realize how blessed I am.

65. Thank You God for morning prayer. I woke up a bit late and I was tired. But through Your Word, specifically, Mark 2:5, the forgiveness of sin, and other healing by Jesus, gave me strength. Thank You Jesus.
66. Thank You Father for coffee. I love good coffee. Thank you Blue Bottle coffee for selling good coffee beans.
67. Thank You Jesus for reading Exodus. I did not realize but I missed out a lot of details. I remembered Israelites being unhappy but wow, they seem so rebellious. Then I realize that I am probably more rebellious and ridiculous. Yet Jesus loves me and restores me. Thank You Jesus.
68. Thank You Lord for my cold. Yeah, I am not feeling too well. But I realize that I have been blessed with good health and the cold reminds me that I should be really thankful when I am not sick.
69. Thank You God for my Adidas sweat pants. Friends laughed at me because I used to buy things that were deeply discounted. Guess who is laughing now. I have been wearing it for three years and it is still good as new!
70. Thank You Father for water. With the cold, my throat hurts and I am quite thirsty. I am so thankful that I always have clean and safe water.
71. Thank You Lord for Stata. Today, I got a lot of work done.
72. Thank You Jesus for my coding skills. I am still learning but it is so cool that I can run analysis and learn new things. I just pray that You give me more wisdom and that I use my skills for Your glory.
73. Thank You Father for giving me the heart to donate. Today, I made a donation. Of course, it is small but it is worth almost three days of my food budget. Yet I am thankful that God You gave me a loving heart.
74. Thank You God for Lending Club. I love peer-to-peer lending. Thank you LC for the good notes today. I almost missed them because they were almost funded.
75. Thank You Jesus for Udemy. Today, I learned about selling luxury handbags on ebay. It is interesting and doable.
76. Thank You Lord for Coursera. I love the data collection course. I just like data and analysis. I am happy that I can now better formulate my thoughts. Before I had the structure but I could not articulate well.
77. Thank You Father for Gchat. I am thankful that my friend asked about how I was doing. I pray that we become holier.
78. Thank You Jesus for the rejection email. I am looking for a job and I got a rejection email. I could feel bad but I am thankful that at least that they sent me a cordial email.
79. Thank You Lord for Quora. I am so happy that I can ask questions and help other by answering questions.
80. Thank You Jesus for Duolingo. I am refreshing my Portuguese and Spanish.
81. Thank You Father for Myungshin. I am so thankful that we can pray together through Kakao.
82. Thank You Lord for my car. I am thankful that I can serve others with my car.
83. Thank You Jesus for my hands. I am so thankful that I can use them to brush my teeth and do other things.
84. Thank You Father for toothpaste. I am very thankful that I can maintain my oral hygiene. I remember when I ran out of toothpaste! Ohhhh! It was only one day…sigh.
85. Thank You Lord for my roommates. I am thankful for their kindness. I pray that we all become holier every day.
86. Thank You Jesus for lotion. I am happy that I have lotion to take care of my skin.
87. Thank You Father for a hot bath. So relaxing. Thank You for the tub and hot water.
88. Thank You God for the contract law book. It explains contract law quite well with good examples. I enjoy law much more now.
89. Thank You Jesus for my church. I am thankful that we have intense prayer sessions.
90. Thank You Lord for sermons on YouTube. I love listening to them while I work. It keeps me well-grounded and makes me more thankful.
91. Thank You Jesus for evernote. I love the software. It makes note taking much more efficient and fun.
92. Thank You Father for Naver cartoons. It has entertained me so much for the past ten years.
93. Thank You Jesus for Facebook. I am thankful that I can keep in touch with old friends.
94. Thank You Lord for great new ideas. I realized that I can actually test some claims made about certain investment strategies 😀
95. Thank You Father for my blog. I have so many ideas that I want to implement. I just pray for more wisdom and efficiency.
96. Thank You God for helping me start this 10,000 thanks project. You make me focus on Your blessing and give me joy.
97. Thank You Father for all the great worship songs. I pray that we always praise You!
98. Thank You Jesus for my fridge. The freezer is broken but the fridge works. No more ice cream or frozen food. Now we eat somewhat fresh.
99. Thank You Lord for ramen. I am thankful that I can eat ok in ten minutes.
100. Thank You God for Amazon Prime. My church’s wireless USB broke so I just ordered 😀 Saved time and money yay!
101. Thank You Jesus for the internet. We realized that the great desktop at church became mute after its wireless USB broke.

Thank You Jesus for another blessed day. Let us be more thankful everyday!