Jesus, You love us so much. Every day is a blessing. Let us count our blessings and share Your love with all nations.

863. Thank You God for morning worship. I am thankful that I started the day with You Lord.
864. Thank You Jesus for YouTube. I am thankful for all the useful videos. I should really stop watching too many game/ entertainment videos.
865. Thank You Lord for the videos about computer hardware. I am so ignorant but yesterday I learned a bit.
866. Thank You Jesus for Udemy. I am thankful that there are great teachers.
867. Thank You God for Duolingo. I practiced my Spanish.
868. Thank You Father for internet. Always nice to find useful information and entertainment.
869. Thank You Jesus for Perl. The script is still running.
870. Thank You Lord for Stata. I finally finished the first part of the project. Now time to get the rest of the data.
871. Thank You Jesus for wisdom. I got so much done today. Also, I handled some issues regarding data cleaning. Please give me more wisdom.
872. Thank You Father for breakfast. I am thankful that my church has cereal and milk. We did not have milk at church for some time.
873. Thank You Lord for the church plants. They are growing so well!
874. Thank You God for trust. I am thankful that people trust me. Jesus, please make me holier and righteous.
875. Thank You Jesus for Olive Tree Academy. I pray that a holy generation arises and gives You all the glory.
876. Thank You Lord for good roommates. I am thankful for their love and care. Please make us holier.
877. Thank You Father for Quora. I am thankful that I can answer questions.
878. Thank You Lord for blue jays. They are delicious!
879. Thank You God for a good coffee time. I am thankful for the good coffee and the fellowship.
880. Thank You Jesus for my legs. I am thankful that I can walk around.
881. Thank You Father for my eyes. My eyes are abused due to screen time. Please protect my eyes and let me be wiser.
882. Thank You Jesus for my hands. I am thankful that I can type, grab things, open doors, and scratch myself. Thank You Jesus for my lovely hands.
883. Thank You Lord for podcasts. I am thankful that I can learn new things every day.
884. Thank You God for wireless internet. I still remember the LAN lines. Haha.
885. Thank You Jesus for my bed. It is so warm and comfortable.
886. Thank You Lord for the bible. I am thankful that I am reading the bible every day.
887. Thank You Jesus for helping me pray. I am praying a bit more every day.
888. Thank You God for enabling me to help a friend. Jesus, please give us more wisdom.
889. Thank You Father for gummy bears. They are delicious. I should really stop eating.
890. Thank You Lord for socks. My feet would be dirty and cold if I did not have socks.
891. Thank You Jesus for the babies at church. They are so cute and adorable. Jesus, bless them and make them a holy nation.
892. Thank You Lord for Instagram. It’s nice to see cool photos and follow friends.
893. Thank You God for Excel. Data cleaning would be much harder without Excel.
894. Thank You Jesus for my smartphone. I am thankful for its functionality.
895. Thank You for John who is adapting well so far.
896. Thank You Jesus for my plants. They are definitely doing well.
897. Thank You God for my house. I am thankful that it can host people.
898. Thank You Lord for clean water. I am thankful that I have clean water to drink.
899. Thank You Jesus for electricity. I am thankful that I can run all my devices.
900. Thank You God for enabling me to give thanks. I am thankful that You have blessed me so much. Let me praise You every day and every moment 😀

Thank You Jesus for everything. Thank You 😀 Thank You Lord! May we always praise You!